Here are some of the projects that I have been working on.

Serial Interface for Elecraft KX2 and KX3 Radios

Click  KX3 Port Expander to view document,IMG_7380This is a full construction note for a Serial Port Expander for the Elecraft KX2 and KX3 series transceiver.  I think it is explained pretty well.  If you have any questions, email me at my-call at  I used this circuit with my KX3 so that it would look like a K3 to n1mm contest software.  Allows use of a standard Elecraft KUSB cable and provides CAT control, CW keying and PTT instead of the limited serial CAT only with the normal KXUSB cables.

3-D Printed Zip-Reel Bracket


This is a recent project using my CUBE 3D printer.  I replaced the bent aluminum bracket with one made from PLA plastic.  I still use a 1-1/4 in PVC coupler to mount the Zip Reel on the barrel of my Pneumatic Antenna Launcher.

DC-to-DC Converter

DC - DC Converter


I built this neat project to allow use of my Macbook Pro on battery power.  The Mac needs at least 16 volts to operate and therefore won’t work with a regular car battery (12 Volts).  The booster ups the voltage to 16+ volts and runs the computer very well and uses about 1.5 amps at 12 volts DC.  The unit utilizes a DC-DC booster module available from several Chinese venders on eBay for around $3.50.  The voltmeter in the corner is also an eBay item and cost less than $5.00.The little blue bezel frame was made on my 3D printer.

Power Supply (WAARC Builders Group)




This little Lab Power Supply was a WAARC Builders Group Project for the Spring 2015 session.  It provides 0-30 Volts DC at 2+ Amps plus two fixed outputs (3.3 V and 5 V) at over 1 Amp. The supply was built by 5 members and was designed by Chuck White (ai4wu).

RF Power Meter

Joint project with Rob KK4R. More to come...

Joint project with Rob KK4R. More to come…

Power Distribution Box

Finished view of a power distribution box using Anderson Power Pole connectors.

Finished view of a power distribution box using Anderson Power Pole connectors.

Some of you have already heard of this project, but for those who are unaware. This is an inexpensive approach to a “homebrew” fused, power distribution box similar to the commercial devices. You can build this in a couple of hours from easily obtained parts including a pre-made custom printed circuit board. Click here for a better description, construction notes and parts list.

Newest Antenna Launcher (Zip Launcher)

ZipLanch copy

Now for the very latest in launchers, we move to the ZipLauncher, the very simplest to build and easiest to use. This launcher even come apart into two peices for easier storage and transport. Just unscrew the barrel assembly and it fits into a container only 18 inches long.There is a complete paper on how to build the ZipLauncher here, complete with parts list, notes and assembly instructions. All you ever wanted to know, all in one place.

New Antenna Launcher (PAL-mkII)

This is the larest in Pneumatic Antenna Launchier technology from the cave in Conklingland. The new design is smaller and more compact. It uses different ‘firing’ technique which means “no batteries required”. My PAL_mkII is the most efficient I’ve seen so far to date


For those who may be interested in building a copy of my new launcher, I have provided Construction Notes for this version.

Elecraft BL-2 Balun


The new BL-2 BALUN is a real slick addition to my shack. It is inexpensive, and works extremely well. It is also a dual-ratio BALUN, switchable from 1:1 or 4:1 ratios. Amd unlike previous units I have built, it does not use toriods for the transformers. Instead it uses Binocular cores made of similar material to toroids, but they are easier to wind. For more information and test results for this and several other local BALUNs, click here.

PowerPole Distribution Box